Ashwin speaks out on coaching standards in India

In the final part of our interview with R Ashwin, we asked him about coaching standards in India. He was quite forthright – telling us that he ‘feels sorry for a lot of Indian athletes’ and compares the Indian coaching system to countries with more evolved coaching programs.

The core of his argument revolves around accountability. In his own words, ‘Indians don’t ask for accountability’, and this isn’t just restricted to sport – it includes everyday aspects of a student’s life, such as a Maths or Physics tuition. Before signing a kid up for a lesson, the parent should be convinced that the tutor is capable of teaching the subject to their child.

Ashwin admits that it isn’t easy to promise results in a skilled sport such as cricket, but it is definitely possible for a coach to provide a program, or a road-map for an athlete. Watch on for more!


Click HERE for the entire interview with Ravichandran Ashwin.

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