Ashwin opens up on fitness standards in India, as well as his own fitness journey

‘You go to a doctor because you are playing around with your life. You go to a lawyer to fight cases in the court…. At some level you need to respect that there are professionals for every aspect of the game.’

An emphasis on fitness, as well as the adoption of modern coaching techniques has ensured that the current Indian team is considerably fitter than their predecessors. We spoke to Ashwin about how this transformation took place, as well as his personal experiences with fitness. He had quite a bit to say!

Ashwin points out that the biggest change has been ‘more access to knowledge’. According to him, getting fitter isn’t merely a function of intent – it’s also important that the right people arrive at the right time in an athlete’s career. He also points out a common issue with some cricketers – that over the course of their journey they tend to believe that they know how to be a physio, trainer, or dietitian. Ashwin disagrees – and points out that you continue to visit specialists like doctors and lawyers, even when you possess some knowledge of medicine/law. In his own words ‘You need to respect that there are professionals for every aspect of the game’

He also draws on his own experiences, and believes that his own fitness has improved, because ‘the right people have taken the right jobs’. Check out the rest of the video for Ashwin’s own fitness journey – including the age-old debate on rice vs rotis!

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