Ashwin on the role of spinners in T20 cricket, and adjusting to different formats

Part II of our interview with Ravichandran Ashwin focuses on the art of spin bowling! If you missed Part I of our interview, click HERE

Ashwin was one of the first spinners to regularly open the bowling for both India and his IPL franchise. While this tactic is a lot more common now, it continues to be one of the most difficult tasks in T20 cricket. Watch Ashwin explain how his arm-ball helps him overcome several challenges while opening the bowling in both Tests and limited overs cricket. In his own words – ‘There are a lot of challenges with bowling with the new ball, but I quite enjoy it, because it’s only if you take up the challenge, that you can figure out if you can come up on the winning side the next day’



T20 cricket has evolved considerably over the past couple of years, and it is vital for bowlers to keep up with this change. We asked Ashwin how he manages to evolve, particularly with video technology helping batsmen de-code spinners’ mystery deliveries!


We then asked Ashwin about the role of spinners in T20 cricket. He points out that most spinners haven’t done too well in this IPL – and points to the quality of the pitches, and the quality of mis-hits as the primary reasons. Shrinking boundary-lines don’t help either! Watch Ashwin talk about the journey a young spinner needs to make to achieve his full potential, and why T20 cricket doesn’t provide a spinner with a similar experience


Finally, we asked Ashwin about switching between formats. After a long T20 season, India will play a number of Test matches at home. As India’s number 1 spinner, Ashwin will play a crucial role in India’s success. Ashwin admits that it’s tough – and points out that unlike Test cricket, there’s ‘no scope for repetitiveness’ in T20 cricket. Test cricket involves ‘perseverance and patience’ – and there’s very little space for that in T20 cricket! Watch on for more

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